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These pages are observations made about the various fae shown on the cards of the Faeries' Oracle by the members of the Faeries' Oracle on-line discussion group. There we talk about the Oracle and the various fae folk shown. The comments on these pages are taken from discussions there, with the permission of the authors.

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When I wrote the book to go with the Oracle, naturally I had to leave a lot out. To adequately describe any of the fay would have required writing at least several books on each of them, a multi-volume encyclopedia on each of the Sidhe, and would have been quite impossible in the case of the Singers. The thoughts and observations and notes on the fae of the Oracle given here help show a bit more of the wide range of their expression than I could within the confining range of 200 pages.

I have often been asked for a pronounciation guide for the Proper Names in the Oracle. Fundamentally, they don't much care how you pronounce their names—or if they do, they will tell you so themselves. The pronounciation they give you may not be the one they give me. To add to the merry confusion, they may very well give you other names to call them by instead. They like to play with their "names". The True Name of any fae is not usable by humans. It is a combination of sound, light, and subtle energy that actually defines the one being spoken of. We are not able, in our flesh form, to speak in light or subtle energies or the full range of sounds used by faery—a fae name might contain higher or lower tones than we can hear, it might contain birdsong, the sound of a volcano, the call of a wild salmon, or anything else—or all of the above. It might take one of the fae hours—or even days—to say the name of another fae, especially the elders. We humans have to use shortcuts, nicknames as it were.
So, when you see the faery key on a page, it will be followed by Name as Given (definition—as best I could find out) my BEST shot at pronounciation, and any other information I have about the name or its history. For example:

Ekstasis (ecstasy) ek STA sis
The life force—the Oran Mor, the Great Song of the universe—all that is, was, will be, or exists only in potentia.

Naturally, when there are no tricksy names in the book, I don't need to be concerned about this and any name they give you is between you and them.

Click on the card name below that you are interested in learning more about. Names that are not links have not yet had information added. Join the discussion group youself and ask questions about things you'd like additional viewpoints on! We are friendly and we don't bite—at least, not often. New information will be added here as it becomes available and as I have time to update these pages.