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I've always said I'd never write a memoir,
but the pages listed below seem to be
becoming a random, non-linear version of one.

Where I Am & How I Got Here

Morning Forest

Plot Twists

Recently, in a writing class, we were asked to write a something about an incident that changed our lives – something that changed the way we see and approach the world. My first response was a totally blank mind, but then I realized that there were many such incidents although most of them would seem quite minor to others. There is a thing called "the teachable moment" which happens when we are ready to profoundly get something, to truly understand a concept, an idea, a feeling all the way. It may seem very unimportant to the people around us, but it hits us deeply. Those moments matter forever after, especially if we think about them later when we can see the effect they have had and still have on us. Hopefully, if I tell you some of mine, it may help you remember and make better use of your own. Besides writing them down helps me to understand them better. I call them "plot twist moments" because they alter the course of our personal stories. What plot twists do you remember? And how did they change things for you?

The Wizard of Oz
Black Dog

Fragments — Bits & Bobs

Raggedy Ann
When Grandmothers Riot


Who's a Mycelium Then?

Inner Journeys, Visions, & Dreams

Glastonbury Tor

Things I Didn't Do

An Irish Journey
Lost Natural Magic: Faery Flower Healing
Waiting at the Gate

Zen Pagan or What?

Buddhism on Wings


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