After lunch today, I stopped by small local store, which sells Good Stuff. I especially like their ice cream sandwiches made with quality ice cream and homemade cookies. Clutching my treat, I headed for the counter. The young lady there glanced at my #NODAPL tee-shirt. After she rang up my items and handed over the change, she looked straight in my eyes and said, "Thank you for your support."

I stood there a moment processing, and slowly said, "You know, I totally disapprove of fracking. And I despise these curst pipelines and the people who build them." Building up steam, I added, "I'm not a violent person, but I'd like to stomp on their toes and slap their faces, maybe with a dead, oily fish!".

She looked startled and then grinned. Leaning forward on the counter, brown eyes twinkling, she said, "You know they've made a mistake when grandmothers start rioting in the street!"

I nodded and laughed, and leaning on my cane, I stomped fiercely out to the car.

I'm going to get another tee-shirt made.

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