"Mist Faeries in Jesa's Driveway" Photo by Reven Lorin Luin

Jessica Macbeth is an aged author, coyote poet, healer, practitioner of natural magic, and digital duffer. She is a friend to Faery, Cat, Coyote, Raven, Hummingbird, and many others, including several humans.

At her home on the coast of Washington State, she spends her days writing, learning a variety of arts, watching the forest, listening to trees, hill watching, moonbathing, miracle watching, reading, krowing, sculpting, enjoying, and considering the idea of a Path.

Author of The Faeries' Oracle, Moon Over Water, Sun Over Mountain, and a multitude of odds and ends, her current major projects are Marzipan's Adventures: Dragonships, Gran'ma's Faery Wisdom & Gnomic Utterances, and these web pages. Because she is distractable, these projects may be interrupted by occasional bursts of random poetry (using the word loosely), birdsong outside her window, and the cats.

Her principle work at this time is dropping seeds (both literal and metaphorical) into the world as she wanders. Some of the tales, myths, fables, anecdotes, vade mecum, and essays found in these pages are such seeds.

Marizpan is a ginger and cream tailless Manx cat, small but mighty. She, along with her brother, Duffy, Aunt Sally, and Round Robbie are in charge of amusement and inspiration. They also all help to keep an eye on the forest.

Marzipan has great charm — and she knows it. She is absurdly small and adorable, born to be a cover girl on a box of really good chocolates. She tips the scales at five and a half pounds, which is mostly fluff. Magical and part faery, she knows who she is. Marzipan has her own set of pages here in which there is information about two of her lives — so-called real life and SecondLife.com.

The other kith and kin of the title mostly live in the forest and include the usual forest creatures such as deer, squirrels, birds, coyotes, the occasional bear passing through, trees, mycelium, salal, brambles, wild roses, and quite a number of forest spirits plus the spirits who come to visit, having know Jesa elsewhere. None of them seem to write much, so thought they may be quoted here, bylines tend to be Marzipan or Jessica.

That is the short version. See any of the other pages here if you want more information.


If you could peer far enough
into the night sky,
you'd see a star in any direction you looked.
When would you sleep?
And why would one want to sleep?


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