Cats have many lives, and some of us live several of those lives simultaneously in different worlds. (What do you think we're really doing when you think we are sleeping all those hours?) Here are some knackerty knotions and fabulous frolicks from my many worlds. You're welcome to my comfy virtual cardboard box here!

Who Is Marzipan Macbeth?

    A Brief Introduction by Jessica Macbeth (Herself)

On Writing

    Tips and inspirations from Marzipan herself on writing.

Excerpts from Marzipan's Books

    Winter Solstice

Knackerty Knotions & Scintillating Surprises

    Thoughts, mostly brief, from Marzipan on the state of the worlds and life in general.•


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Voyages in a Coracle

    Herself has her own website too (although Marzipan likes hers better).

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