Somewhere, I don't remember when in my sleep-confused day, I had another Marzipan dream. This one also was about traveling. Marzipan insisted that we had to go to Nepal "to sort out all those earthquakes." So we took a plane to Tibet and some Sherpa people helped us to walk to Nepal (dream geography!). Marzipan made certain I had my magic bells (I'd never seen them before, but they were with me).

She directed the expedition and totally charmed the Sherpa, who were very willing to do her bidding. The land was shaking and trembling beneath our feet and sometimes giving a stronger lurch. When it did that, we stopped until it quieted down a bit. Sometimes Marzipan walked ahead to guide us, but mostly she was carried.

When we came to a place where Marzipan felt the earth energy needed to be fixed, she would hop down and point out the exact spot, and I'd stand there (feeling quite silly at first) and ring my bells over it. When she decided I'd rung them enough, she'd pat my foot to tell me to stop. Then she'd dig a small hole there, shit in it, and neatly cover it up, looking very satisfied and smug. The Sherpa then looked at each other and nodded wisely, and we'd go on to the next place and repeat. (I did wonder how one tiny cat could produce all that, but I suspect the Sherpa were giving her snacks as we went.) We did this all day, making many stops.

As the day progressed, it seemed that the earth did quiet down. In the evening it was all very still. We were all so tired that we just lay on the sandy earth, falling asleep while the stars turned silently above us. I awoke in my own bed with Marzipan purring in my ear.

When I told my friend, Tom, about the dream this afternoon, he said, " The Poup de Grâce!" Purrfectly apt — to put something out of its misery. I have no idea what this was really all about — you'd have to ask Marzipan!

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