Center    August 2005
      This isn't a fable or a myth, nor was it a dream... and I don't think it is a lie—but I didn't know where else to put it.

    The Last Goat    January 2005
      One doesn't always need wings to fly...

    The Eg    February 2002
      Not a fable, not a dream, but something in between—a vision, sort of . . . together with suggestions for finding your own

    The Diskette    June 2001
      A St. Peter story.

    One Way or Return?    June 2001
      A St. Peter story.

    Mosquito Barbeque    June 2001
      One of my only two vampire stories—the other is, um, unprintable here.

    Ad Blitz Cracks Earth    June 2001
      News Flash!?!

    Cara's Lessons    June 2001
      Everyone has to start somewhere.

    Alien Visitors    June 2001
      The unexpected guests - a Sally story.

    A Crown of Moonlight   1995
      The fact that your head is full of fluff doesn't necessarily exclude you from being a magical person—a Sally story.

    Letter to a Spiritual Advisor    September 1996
      On the other hand, having your head full of fluff doesn't necessarily make you a magical person. Jocasta needs your advice.

    Cuckoo's Story   1995
      A modern retelling of the Celtic legend of the cuckoo.

    Horse's Tale   1995
      An example of "Imagic"—I'm not sure what the moral is here...

    The Three Bears and the Coyote   1995
      How Coyote got his smarts.

May your sheets be free of cookie crumbs.