There was a discussion yesterday that got me thinking about whether or not we can create anything original. Thoughts: the Hindus apparently believe in one god who is everything — like a diamond beyond any size we can comprehend. And each of us looks at this diamond as if we were somehow outside of it and as if we can only see the facets that are closest. And each facet is a face — one of the myriad faces of god, each unique, each unlike any other. What if we only see the face we can best relate to and yet all the facets are just the one diamond? What if we are all one and inside that diamond (which is so big that there is nothing outside of it, not even space)?

OR what if we are all like snowflakes — individually we are not much, have no power, but together, just by doing what we do, we can be the frost pictures on a window, the avalanche, the storm? Or what if we, like snowflakes, are individually almost nothing, but are each totally unique, and our affect on others and how we fit together, is always different, unique, like each facet on a diamond.

Also, what if none of us have any real idea how we affect others, even when they try to tell us? How can we possibly tell? Just as our fingerprints are unique, so are our creations though it might take a microscope to see the difference in one line or another, or to hear the very subtle difference in the pitch, duration, intensity and timbre between one note and another.

What if we are simply facets of the multiverse and we are each creating, manifesting, something that the entire multiverse is ready to create and it shines its light through through us, like light through a prism making a rainbow, showing itself in all of it's possibilities? Perhaps the multiverse needs to express every possible manifestation of the line, of the note to fulfill itself? Perhaps each iteration of the note or the line is as unique as its creator, and yet each one an essential part of the whole — which we our focus is too small to see?

(Let me tell you something about rainbows that you might not know. If you take a prism and shine light through it so it falls straight on a white wall, and you get a friend to show you where he or she sees the edges of the bow, they will be different from where you see it. Our eyes are looking at the same thing, but the structure of each eye looking is slightly different. And perhaps each brain interprets what is seen differently as well. Sometimes the variation is quite small, but other times it may astonish you. Try it and see! O! I haven't tried this yet but what happens if you compare the difference between one of your eyes and the other.)

And finally, what if we have moments, flashes when we sense the whole — would we have words for this? How could we express it? We might call it something like the mystical experience and "describe" it as ineffable, indescribable, transcendent, or even too sacred for words.

Can we ever do more than show fragments of the light/music/magic shining through ourselves and hope that others may gain something from the seeing/listening/experiencing, even if it isn't the same as what we gain from the expressing, the actuality of letting the light be refracted through us? Just what is creativity? What price do we pay for the sense of uniqueness, originality? For that matter, what is divinity? Just saying — and wondering. I don't know!

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