Some astrologers say that this is an especially good time to gain inspiration straight from the Galactic Center. Hmmm. In the book Sun over Mountain, I wrote a lot about how to do inner journeys to do this sort of thing, so the question for the journey becomes, "What do I need to know most at this moment about how to best use the energies currently affecting us?"

Since I feel fairly clueless about this just now, I need someone to advise me, so it seems reasonable at this time to take an inner journey to meet the personifications of the Full Moon and the Galactic Center — the Bright Mother and... who? Let's go and see who we find.

While trying to figure out how to begin this journey, I suddenly realized that I was already standing on a high hill, in the dark, and the only thing I see are the stars of the Milky Way. (I just looked up "Milky Way" in Scots Gaelic and it says slighe bhàn but when I turn the translator around, it says that slighe bhàn means "the empty path".) I look around me and see nothing else, I just know I'm on a high hill. There are no other lights at all.

On these journeys, often an animal comes to guide me — if I ask. So I do. I thought a bird might come, but the next thing I knew, a rabbit's whiskers were tickling my toes. Luckily the rabbit was white — if it had been any color I wouldn't be able to see it at all and I can barely see it in the starlight. The rabbit puts his paw on my foot, and I promptly shrink down to his size. He guides me to his hole and we go in and through and come out another entrance in a twilight forest — another liminal time, like the soon-coming Summer Solstice, the gateway to summer. On the edge. Looking up I barely see a few stars because of the dark trees.

The rabbit takes me to my own outdoor altar stone. O! I am at home! He jumps up onto the stone, and I, with difficulty, climb onto it. Though the stone is not big, the rabbit's magic has made me quite small. Finally, I get up beside the rabbit and sit close to his warm fur. It may be nearly midsummer, but it's quite cool. A beetle slowly walks across the stone, and I look at the rabbit questioningly. Is it one of Those we are looking for? He shakes his head, making his ears flap. Then he just holds very still. Even his nose stops twitching, and realizing that I need to be still instead of anxious and agitated, I breath deeply and slowly.

As I become still, two sounds become clear — the last of the twilight song of the birds and the distant ringing of a Tibetan gong. Slowly the gong fades away into silence as does the birdsong. As the world becomes still, I begin to see two figures — One robed and hooded in white and the Other completely covered and hidden (like the Death card in the Faeries' Oracle). The Hidden One holds something through the in her hidden hands. It's the shape of a crystal ball, but seems to be made of a multitude of tiny stars and not solid at all.

The Hidden One bends and lowers the tiny stars until they surround me. They don't touch me, but they make my skin tingle as if they formed a strong electrical field. She leaves the globe there as she stands up and seems to brush her hands together under her covering, just as a human would brush her hands off. I suddenly feel much more awake and alert. And the rabbit, who has moved a bit away, has all of his fur standing on end.

I'm feeling like this journey is running away with me. It doesn't follow the usual pattern at all. Not knowing what to do, I look up at the one in white. Is she the Bright Mother? The rabbit seems to think they are both goddesses and bows to them both, touching his nose to the altar. I try to catch up and do a namaste bow to each of them. The Bright Mother laughs, and as she laughs, she glows.

"You have been given light to help you see, but it isn't light for the outside — it's to look within. Just remember to be still, and you'll easily see where you need to go. There is no rush. Just take good care of yourself so you can see properly by your own light. It will always be there for you — to the end of this life and beyond. O, and keep learning about new things — it keeps you alert, amused, enthused, and on the right path. We'll bring new information to you as you need it."

Both goddesses suddenly disappear and the night is much darker. The rabbit abruptly pushes me off the altar, and as I fall, I return to my normal size and to my usual place inside my house.

What I get from this... maintain calmness, maintain inner stillness, and the inner light and sense of direction will be there. Do what feels right — and the way to tell that I'm doing the right thing in the right way is that it will be joyous! Simple really. Another thing (that went unsaid): If I need help, it will be there. I was getting all tangled up thinking about which of the many things I'm doing is the most urgent, but I feel much more relaxed about it now.

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