One of the fundamentals of spiritual healing is to work with natural healthy growth and innate healing processes. Healing isn't about suppressing or killing germs; it is about helping the person to be healthy and harmonious enough that the germs can't take hold and continue to do damage. On a larger scale, with many living beings involved, we need to use healing energy to do what we can by working with the natural seeds of healing and strength within those each of those beings themselves.

What can we do in the case of a large disaster, possibly involving huge numbers of living beings? What should be our priority? Intention and focus are the most important things in making healing energy count, and we need to know what we can realistically focus on with hope of making a positive difference.

Any practicing healer knows that there are things that are easy to do, and things that seem completely intractable. The reasons for this variation are many, complex, and far from completely understood. However, certain things usually work very well. Some of them are:

  • supporting courage and the will to live
  • calming individual panic
  • providing energy to facilitate breakthoughs, such as being inspired to know where to search for the lost, or being inspired to take the best action for this moment
  • calling attention to small things that can help
  • strengthening exhausted persons who are in peril
  • strengthening and inspiring people who are attempting to aid others
  • helping people to cope with grief and process it
  • healing injuries and illnesses

Here is something that a medical doctor, a surgeon, once said to me. "Some days, especially if there are emergencies added to the normal schedule or especially if I'm doing a long and complex surgery, I find myself so exhausted, I can hardly go on. Then, I take a deep breath and ask for strength — and it comes from somewhere. I don't know where, but I can go on."

This, I think, is a key point. He doesn't have to know where the energy comes from. We don't have to know where it specifically goes. We just need to know a process for healing, and get on with it. Here's one:

The first step, as always, is to calm ourselves, to center, ground, and connect to Source, whatever the "source" means to you. Bring the energy up from the ground, down from the heavens, through you, and let it radiate out through your heart, through your hands.

Then set your intention.

A very useful intention is: to send out healing to wherever the energy is most needed, and where it can most help. I don't try to choose who or what gets it or how it specifically works — I leave that up to the discretion of everyone's inner and higher being and the energy itself. Healing energy knows what to do.

We don't need to know where the energy goes. While you are doing this, you may get flashes of what the energy is doing in the world — or you may not. That doesn't matter at all. If you do, the flash will stay as long as you need to focus there. Don't try to hang onto it. When it fades, you've done what you can. Move on. Keep reminding yourself that you're sending energy to wherever and whomever most needs it and where it will be used. Healing energy knows what to do once you've set your intention. Trust it.

If you get tired, STOP! Tiredness means you are using your own energy and there are two good reasons not to do this.

First, there is an inexhaustible source to draw from that you can never use up, and drawing from that source of whole and perfect strength and healing will not only help others, but will help you, yourself. There is always more than enough.

Secondly, when you have access to whole and perfect healing energy, why would you want to use the imperfect energy you yourself embody? We humans just aren't perfect yet. No matter how good we are, we still have things to learn and become. Perfection is a kind of wholeness that we don't even understand — even when we've had the mystical experience of that wholeness... in fact, especially when we've had that experience, we know that while we have the potential, we don't have the realization or the fulfillment yet. So, don't pointlessly wear yourself out.

* * *
Pay as much attention to bringing that whole energy IN as you do to passing it on to other people.

* * *

As I write this, we are in the midst of seeing the most incomprehensible disaster unfold in Japan — a 9.0 earthquake centered right off the coast, followed by an immense tsunami, followed by a serious crisis at some of the atomic reactors in the stricken area. One hundred thousand men of the Japanese army are there trying to find and rescue people, and they have been joined by well-equipped and experienced search and rescue teams as well as medical teams from many countries.

This sounds great — positive and hopeful — apart from the nuclear crisis, the continuation of many, many strong aftershocks daily, the threat of even more severe aftershocks with resulting additional tsunamis, the winter snow storms that are coming in, and the complete chaos, the destruction in which the rescue teams are unable to reach many of the most devastated areas because of the flooding and the roads destroyed by quake, tsunami, and wreckage. There is massive destruction throughout miles and miles of villages, towns, and cities. The death toll rises moment by moment.

Miracles happen. But I suspect there are rules even to miracles, and we just don't know what they are. When we are confronted by large scale disasters, we desperately want miracles. We are often tempted to try to fix the whole thing. The initial impulse may be to try to stop the earthquakes, stop the tsunami. But... can we? It would take an order of power beyond anything we can even imagine. I think we need to be realistic here about our own power, even the power of humanity as a whole, when dealing with massive forces like these.

Also, we tend to make the assumption that the earth needs healing, that the tsunami is unnatural and needs stopping, that the earth (or someone) is angry with us and the quake unnatural. It's hard for humans to get that it is not necessarily all about us. But what if we aren't all that important? What if, to the earth, a hurricane is just part of the way the winds blow, a quake is just a natural adjustment, a necessary release of building pressure or tension, like you cracking your knuckles or tightening and then releasing your shoulders. What would happen if we managed to bottle up all that geological internal pressure for a while? Forever? We all know what some of the consequences are when we try to block internal stresses in ourselves. I don't even want to think about the possible consequences of blocking the release of the stresses in the earth. So, we probably can't "fix" the earth to our liking, but there are very helpful things we can do.

All this is simple, not grandiose or dramatic, not trying to do the impossible, just doing what is possible for as many as we can — and encouraging others to do the same. That's all. Little things add up — and we cannot know what they add up to. In doing distant healing, we have to function entirely on trust. We can't see or touch in the usual way; we can't get feedback about the results. Perhaps the man you help to hold on securely will survive to father a child who will find a way to do something humanity desperately needs. Perhaps the aged grandmother, who survives the disaster with some healing help, will live to give vital encouragement to her growing granddaughter to follow her own star and become the greatest mathematician ever. Perhaps the dog you encouraged to pull free this way instead of trying to get loose that impossible way will father the pups that generations and generations from now will develop into the race that replaces long-extinct man and does a better job of caring for the earth than humans ever did. Perhaps. Who knows?

Perhaps it is really quite enough that the man held on and lived, that the grandmother survived just long enough to say goodbye to her family, that the dog made it. We don't know. When we allow healing energy to flow through us, we really never do know where it will travel or what healing it will do along the way. We only know that this moment of healing, of trust in the process, will do something beneficial to those who receive it — and not least, it will do something beneficial to you. Yes, you fit into this equation, too. There is no other way for it to be.

Encourage others to help. Encourage them to do what they can, however small or large. For one thing, when we are doing healing, we are not focusing on fear and negative thoughts, which obviously do not help and may hinder. The more who help with healing, the more is accomplished. It adds up — in fact, it multiplies.

Remember to bless all of the healing — bless those who receive, bless those who give — and please remember that you truly cannot tell them apart.

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