We work on improving ourselves and think we're accomplishing Good Stuff and we are — but almost inevitably just when we think we've finally got it and in spite of our good resolutions, we're still carrying some of the old stuff we no longer want around. Emotional baggage. Anger. Grudges. Stuff. I have a magical chant I do in my head when this sort of thing comes up, and you might find it helpful too.

Xxx, I love you.
Xxx, I bless you.
Xxx, I release you.

(You replace the Xxx with the name of the person, the attitude, the object, the feeling — and it works just as well with your own name if you're thinking you'd like to free yourself from some inner tangle.)

Please, do not be deterred by thinking you do not love whoever/whatever it is and that to say you do is a lie. Somewhere in you there is a core of pure, unconditional love. Somewhere in everyone else there also is a core of pure, unconditional love. You are just gradually awakening your awareness of that love and connection. It takes time; it takes repeats; it takes energy.

Some people think a letting go process is about "forgiving" but I often feel like there is a touch of arrogance in "forgive" — who am I to forgive anyone of anything when I'm not even qualified to judge them in the first place? Just letting go of my own anger or whatever else I'm holding against them is the best thing I can do for them and for myself. As long as I'm projecting that miserable energy at someone, how can I expect them to like/be kind to/love me? How can I expect me to love me?

Another thing here is that you're not pushing the other out of your life forever — you're just releasing the miserable feeling you have about them. Then you can calmly decide for yourself if you want to still have them in your world, and if so, how you'd like the relationship to be on your side. An interesting thing that I've seen over and over in myself and others is that, once you stop putting out the old energy toward them, they often make an inner change themselves. But of course, that is entirely up to them. But bear in mind that "letting go" isn't exactly the same thing as "releasing" something. To let go is simply stop holding on, while releasing is to set free — a subtle difference but sometimes an important one.

So simple; so powerful. Such amazing results — when you do it long enough. It may take one time through or it may take many, a few at a time. It's easy to tell when we're done — there is love and blessing and freedom. Simple equation: Energy X Time = Results. Sometimes we think we're clear of something and then another layer of the same old stuff comes up. Not to be discouraged! We store memories in sets, one inside another, like the layers of an onion or those hollow Russian dolls. However, what worked on the last layer may well work on the next. I can testify to this myself.

I know this may seem too simple to work, but please, just trust the process. And Keep It Simple, Sweetie! KISS!

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