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Jessica Macbeth

    Phone readings and counseling are now available to you with Jessica Macbeth, author of the best-selling Faeries' Oracle.

    Jessica's long experience gives depth and richness to her sessions. She has been a professional counselor, healer, and spiritual teacher for over 30 years. She brings the fruits of of that deep experience to you, addressing the practicalities of your life and situation.

    From her wooded retreat in Western Washington, Jessica will share with you what she sees regarding your life's path. We will look at both the practical aspects of your life and also how you can more fully realize your innate powers and potentials. These readings are about growing and loving. Their purpose is help to bring light into the obscurities of your life so that you can make better choices and achieve greater fulfillment.

    Based on many years of interaction with Faery, Jessica Macbeth and Brian Froud created, with the vital help of the faeries themselves, the Faeries' Oracle. Brian's inimitable and beautiful paintings combine with Jessica's experience and fey humor to create an Oracle that is uniquely helpful and wise. The faery folk speak clearly through it.

    The faeries wish us to live joyfully in touch with our own true nature. Their advice ranges from down-to-earth practicalities to the very spiritual to give you what you most need at this moment.

    We never quite know where the energy of a Faeries' Oracle reading will take us. It may be about practicalities of your life and situation, but it is also likely to be about seeing where you are on the path to realizing the inherent power and possibilities of your own natural magic.

    The nature spirits are interested in helping us to connect more closely with our own true nature and with our potential for miracles and healing and joy. They want us to live well and happily, because we make the world a better place when we do. Through our connections with them, we can learn much - and we may also often have a lot of fun doing doing this. In an Oracle session, the first part is devoted to what the faery folk want to tell you. However, after that you may ask questions about your particular concerns. The faeries—and Jessica—earnestly desire to help you along your way.

    You can make an appointment with Jesa right away by writing her at—she will respond as quickly as she can. Today, the faeries always say, is the very best day!

    The objective of a spiritual counseling session is to look at where you are in your personal and spiritual path, to consider where you want to go, and to reflect on ways you might get there more joyfully and directly. In such a session we might consider your personal life, your spiritual growth, the development of your creative potential, your old traumas and how they might be healed, and/or the resolution of issues that you face in your daily life.

    A spiritual counseling session is neither psychic reading nor psychotherapy, although some of both may be included, as needed to address the issues.

    These sessions are for those who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. A session may be one hour or two - or even three - depending on your needs and wishes. The usual practice in most spiritual traditions is to do this kind of review-reassessment-realignment of goals and practice two to four times a year as a regular practice. These sessions are often especially useful to those working in the healing and helping professions.

    You can make an appointment with Jesa right away by writing her at—she will respond as quickly as she can.

    Spiritual counseling and Oracle readings by telephone can be easily arranged. First, you e-mail me at telling me what you want. We then make a time for an appointment by e-mail and arrange for payment before the session.

    When the time comes for your Oracle reading or counseling session, you telephone me, and we just do it. Simple, eh? I recommend that you have any questions you especially want answered or issues you wish to discuss written down—it is too easy to forget them during the actual reading.

    Fees & Payments
    Charges for phone sessions are $75 for the first session, which is 45 minutes long. Later sessions are either $75 for 45 minutes or $50 for 30 minutes or $25 for 15 minutes - your choice.

    Sessions can be paid for in either of two ways. If paying by credit card or electronic bank transfer through Paypal (see link below), we can set an appointment for as soon as convenient for both of us after the transfer clears. Transfers through Paypal are virtually immediate. If you are mailing a check instead, sessions are booked at least a week in advance. That week is necessary to give time for your check to arrive.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Jessica Macbeth

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