How Oracles Work


How the Faeries' Oracle
Is Different

Jessica Macbeth

From the ancient shaman wrapped in furs and reading the throw of the bones to the Oracle at Delphi to the modern reader of cards, runes, and other symbol systems, humans have always turned to oracles to gain information about the past, present, and future. Does this work? Yes, unbelievably in the light of what modern scientists know (so far), it does work. Furthermore, with training and practice, almost anyone can serve as an oracle. How does it work? Ah, there is the real question.

No one knows for certain, but we can make some educated guesses. There are two aspects to reading an oracle—the exoteric and the esoteric, the outer and the inner. Most oracles use a defined set of symbols, like runes or cards. Each symbol has a given meaning, a specific, although often broad interpretation. It has both an archetypal meaning—a primary energy/direction/force—and an everyday meaning about the practical aspects of daily life. Generally, each symbol is rich in meanings and the main task of the interpreter is to sort out which aspects of those meanings apply in each specific case.

This is where the esoteric skills of the reader come in. There is an "inner knowing" that guides us to choose the correct interpretation of the oracle. There are many of theories about how this works, but at present, no one can actually prove that their knacky notion is correct. Somehow, deep inside ourselves, we do know. The skill of accurately reading an oracle lies in learning, through meditation and other practices, to accurately access that inner intuitive information.

All oracles, including the Faeries' Oracle, can be used this way but the Faeries' Oracle has another whole dimension—direct communication with faery. The reader can use the cards as a magic mirror through which he may travel to discover the wisdom and knowledge of the faeries themselves. Faeries are usually willing to communicate, and many of them are happy to share their understanding of the world with us.

This faery understanding often sees life clearly when humans see only foggily and dimly. Because faeries directly perceive the energies of people, creatures, and situations, they are able to see trends and motives more accurately than we can. If we have become friends with the faeries and learned to communicate with them (which the book accompanying the Faeries' Oracle shows us how to do), we will be given this faery knowledge, a wonderful faery gift.

In addition to the knowledge of what is, we'll also discover faery wisdom—the compassionate understanding of ourselves and the world. Thus, we will develop the inner peace and joy that comes with greater wisdom and insight. And, as if this were not enough, we also discover the simple happiness of being connected with the natural world and our own natural magic.

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