The GreenSpirit Oracle

Jessica Macbeth

Nancy Hendrickson and I have begun working on the GreenSpirit Oracle. Our intention is to produce an oracle-on-a-CD for general use plus a small collectors edition of cards - and maybe a book.

For now, I'll just show you a couple of the pictures:

The Stormcrow

Walking the Maze

For now, I'll just let you play with ideas about what these two cards may mean. We'll have a lot to say about them later on—definitions, stories, poems, readings, whatever, but for now, just think about it. You might as well be having some of the fun too.

As you can see above, the cards are based on photographs with applied digital magic. Most of the photos are ones we've taken ourselves, and the added touches are what was really there but not visible to the camera.

This is too much fun, but krowing with the fae always is.

© Copyright 2005 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.

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