Otherworld Oracle

Jessica Macbeth

This is a divination method I learned from the fae quite a long time ago. It is very suitable for krowing with them. ('Krowing' = 'work' spelled playfully backwards—not just work, not just play, but an inextricable combination of both, which, they reckon, is how things ought to be. They don't understand why we want to divide our doings into two separate things instead of just enjoying them all.)

First, go out into the world and gather three small objects (pebbles, sticks, ‘rubbish’, leaves, et cetera) at random. Please do this before you go on.

Got them?

No? Well, go do it, pretty please with faery glitter on it, before you go on—or you will spoil the workings. Truly.

Got them now?

Good! Thank you!

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