Robbie was always honorable.
He protected his sisters
and the new kittens that I brought home.
He let Marzipan play with his tail.
All he asked for was love and food,
and he gave so much more in return.
At night, he often caught his catnip mouse
and roamed the house, shouting,
"I caught it! Look! Look! I caught a mouse!"
He liked to play wind chimes gently
and softly pluck the harp.
He enjoyed watching the snow fall.
Yesterday morning he climbed
to the top of the cat tower
to lie in the sun as he prepared to die.
Today, the sun shone later in the day
to warm his grave.

I bow to you, Robbie,
our greathearted one.
We bless you and thank you
for sharing your gentle goodness with us.
May you always have
a harp and wind chimes to play
and sweet friends to wash your ears.

Copyright ©2019 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.

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