I just awakened (it's 4:45 AM, but who cares about that?) with faery economics in my head again. I don't, as you must realize by now, fully understand them, so the fae keep trying to explain them to me. This is very basic stuff to them, but full of shifting energies and mystery to me.

This morning's lesson: It's all about change and the exchange.

I woke up wondering why the fae want me to write the books I'm working on, because it is my perception that they do want that very much. (I won't argue with anyone about whether that is objectively "true" or not — my perceptions may or may not be thy perceptions, but — like all of us — mine influence what I do. So I'm working hard on the books and they are coming along well — again, my perception). As I think/intuit my way through Marzipan's story with faery help, it is changing my energy/thoughts/behavior in a way that the world could change — if enough of us want it to make it so.

The oracle book is the same, but in a different way.

The thing I'm learning right this moment is that the reason the fae have so much difficulty with the "money thing" (see Faery Economics 101 and Faery Economics 102 for my first two posts on this) is because their perception and methods are so different from humans. Instead of messing around with earning money with which to attempt to buy things that may not even be for sale, they look for a connection of desire-energy with matching desire-energy. For instance, if I want to see the world change in a certain way and if they want to see the same changes, it obviously (to them and to me) behooves us to work together. Their idea of "working together" seems to be about facilitating things in a naturally magical way that will help both of us to do what we can toward that change, resulting in a synergistic effect that neither of us may be able to create by ourselves.

Like writing books. Well, I can write them by myself, but that doesn't get them out to other people. For publication and distribution I need both help and "luck" — cooperation, synchronicity, things coming together in surprising but wonderful ways. Meeting the right people "by accident", receiving the right help at the right time "by coincidence". Of course, my part in this is to exercise serendipity — the ability to recognize good things when they happen and to work out how to take advantage of them. And to, ahem, actually write down the inspirations in a coherent and (hopefully) engaging form.

In practical terms, from my own side of the experience, this seems to result in many things, both large and small, "working" for me in a fashion that is convenient and verging on the miraculous. Coincidence, synchronicity, and serendipity abound.

Even if it turns out that we humans can't or don't do our part "successfully" (making money or other tangible reward) there is still value in what we do — in the energy/action. It adds to the total of that energy/action in our Universe, in non-local consciousness, in the Void-which-is-fullness. If we make the effort, it adds to the force of change — and the fae understand that even if we don't. It's the effort that counts more than any illusory "results". You are changing the world, even if the human part of the world doesn't notice.

It's kind of like the hundredth monkey thing. You know that story, right? The one where there are two islands, both inhabited by monkeys but the monkeys of each island are not in physical contact with each other. On one island, the monkeys figure something out and develop a new behavior. They wash their some of their food before eating it. The new behavior spreads throughout the island, and when the last (or the hundredth monkey, depending on the version) has learned to wash the food before eating it, there is a sudden jump (I suppose this is where nonlocal consciousness comes in). Suddenly, monkeys on the neighboring island, without physical contact with the first group, begin washing their food before eating.

This story has its problems — like whether or not it is "true" in an objective view of truth as factual information. See the Hundredth Monkey Effect. However, it has a certain value of "truthiness" for many people. It's based on something that many feel intuitively is true — that the world can be changed by intangible means — even that behavior can be changed in a widespread group when enough beings adopt the new behavior. It may be objectively true, it may not — we haven't proved it scientifically either way and we've only our internal, intuitive, gut-feeling to go on. It's about the reality or unreality of nonlocal consciousness, which we've talked about elsewhere.

The thing is... this "truthiness" thing, we have this feeling that, even if we can't prove it, it ought to be true. For some reason I'm thinking about a trumpet here. A trumpet is a musical instrument that cannot make music. The music only happens when someone blows through it and twiddles the keys. So. A trumpet is a cute, curly bit of metal without the breath that blows through. To a trumpet, that breath is an invisible mystery — it comes when it comes and when it doesn't, there is nothing the trumpet may know of that will make it blow.

The other thing I'm thinking about is all of us and non-local consciousness. What if the human brain is like a trumpet and non-local consciousness is the breath that blows?

I'm also thinking about "word magic" which is practiced by both scientists and magical thinkers (whom scientists hold in contempt). There is a story I read long ago (and unfortunately can't remember the title or the author) about three young men who came out of a club for a breath of fresh air. They were musicians and brought their instruments out and were gently tootling them together. Suddenly something huge and dark appeared above the trees to the east of them. With no sound but a low hum, this huge dark flattened sphere drifted over until it hovered above them. Colored lights began flashing around the edge and it continued to hum.

The three musicians stared up at it, momentarily speechless. After a while, one whispered, "What is it?" The other two just stood there for a bit, barely breathing. Finally, one of the others, said in a normal tone, "Oh. It's a flying saucer."

"Oh, yeah!" "Right!" And they shrugged and went back to playing their instruments while the object hovered above and then drifted away.

That's "name magic" — we have a name for it so we know what it is. Things are under control. People (scientific and magical thinkers and others) all do this to some extent.

Somehow, these knackery knotions all connect — the consciousness that blows through the universe, triggering receptive brains. Although... not all brains are alike any more that all trumpets are alike. Depending on the maker, depending on the metal, depending on the care that has been taken of them, the quality of sound is different. And, for all we know, the attitude of the trumpet itself may contribute to the difference.

What? Trumpets don't have an attitude? They are inanimate objects and such things don't have feelings and attitudes. How do we know they don't? Well, we just know and to think otherwise must be magical thinking and all scientists know that is wrong. How do they know? Well, they just know. Besides, no one can prove that trumpets do have attitudes and feelings, can they? That proves that they don't. Um. Until very recently scientists knew that trees didn't talk, didn't communicate with each other — and now some scientists are finding that they do and that trees lead quite complex lives.

Back to the trumpet for a moment: Music can change the way people feel. Suppose this breath of consciousness blowing through an instrument has an intention, and suppose the instrument also has an attitude, an intention... and the combined result can change something, even everything, even itself, perhaps a little, perhaps great deal.

Whatever the change, any change at all would naturally tilt the balance of the All-That-Is.

I could go on about this, but I won't. My poor wee brain feels quite overwhelmed — overwhelmed and oddly hopeful. I'll just mention that most of this was arrived at through discussions with the faeries over many years. AND I do hope the non-local consciousness knows what it's doing and is attempting to lean the balance in the direction of wisdom and love. However, I suspect that, like voting, everything we do counts, and we get the universe we deserve.

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