Lesson 2—Addendum
Questions and Answers from Class: Week Two

Q. Jesa often says "krow" or "krowing"—what does that mean?

Q. Why do I need an outside spiritual mentor for this class?

Q. What qualities does a spiritual mentor need to have?

Q. I don't know any spiritual mentors—how can I find one?

Q. Jesa sometimes says "krow" or "krowing"—what does that mean?

It's a faery word, like "sesquillion" only different. It came from the first class we had on the Faeries' Oracle when we were talking about how the fae don't see any difference between "work" and "play" and think that this is one of those weird tangles humans get themselves into because we like to make things complicated and difficult for ourselves, like shoelaces that tie both feet together, only this is keeping both feet away from working together, leaving them to wander independently and very awkwardly.

I said that we really needed a word that means both.

One woman in the class got that faraway, listening look in her eyes, and said slowly, "Yes... the word is 'krow'—'work' playfully spelled backwards."

And we all agreed completely. So here we are, diligently and joyfully krowing.

Q. Why do I need an outside spiritual mentor for this class?

I suspect that we all need spiritual mentors in our lives as a routine thing, but I know we especially need them when we are consciously working on our personal, spiritual, and psychic development.

What often happens when we begin to use the powerful tools of meditation, energy awareness, and the triad of earthing, centering, and grounding is that it sometimes accelerates (and sometimes intensifies) what was almost ready to happen anyway. Anyone on the verge of a breakthrough is likely to take the leap. Plus, the Higher Self says, "O, good! A teacher! Someone I can ask questions and get help from. Let's go!" So, people who have past traumas that are ready to heal experience flashbacks, people who are about to open up more psychically do so with a bang. People who are about to make realizations that may make a startling impact on their lives say, "AHA! OMGod/dess!" and often have strong emotional reactions to the realization.

Those of us who are not ready for the next step or who are temperamentally suited to a more steady progress, will proceed on our way at a steady pace—probably noticeably faster than we were going before, but still steady. I don't know whether it is in our DNA or our upbringing or our choice (or, likely, all three) to be hares or tortoises. Some people, and I envy them, seem to be around the middle, sometimes making reasonable leaps and other times walking steadily. I'm more of a leaper; my spiritual mentor is more of a walker—it helps us both that we are different in that way. Most of you can probably guess which of these you are. There is no right or wrong way to be—there is just learning to krow as well as we can with the nature we have.

But, quite often, it really helps to have help!

So there we are—things are happening. And in a large online class, I really cannot undertake to mentor everyone personally. A spiritual mentor needs to be, if at all possible, in the here and now.

Q. What qualities does a spiritual mentor need to have?

First, trust—a spiritual mentor needs to be an person you can trust. They need to have integrity in both their practice and their personal life.

Secondly, skill—a spiritual mentor needs to be highly skilled in counseling. They need to be not only a person who talks right, but also a person who walks their talk. Counseling skills include an ability to listen without judging, to ask open-ended questions that don't presuppose the answer, and a wide understanding of human behaviour.

Third, spirituality—this is much harder to define because it means so many different things to different people. A spiritual mentor does not have to actually share your own spiritual practice, but they need to respect it (and you) and to see value in it for you. Their own practice needs to be one that doesn't regard the conversion of others to theirs as important or even desirable.

Fourth, humor and happiness—I've heard it said that the enlightened person is one who sees the joke in everything. I don't know if this is true or not, but I do know that a healthy sense of humor, especially one that can laugh at itself, is a sign of sanity. Happiness is also a sign of sanity—and I don't mean the kind of pretend 'positivity' where people never admit to anger or sorrow or other 'negative' emotions. Normal humans experience a broad emotional range—and spiritually developed humans don't get stuck in any one emotion, but their underlying state is a quiet enjoyment of being human.

Fifth, a creative approach to the world—a willingness to learn new things, to try new things, to be open to new possibilities are all important. A willingness to grow is necessary if your mentor is going to be willing to help you grow.

Sixth, you make your own decisions—a good mentor never tells you what to do or tries to make your decisions for you. He or she may make suggestions, may encourage you to make a decision, but will not offer to decide for you.

Just remember, though, that very, very few (if any) of us are perfect. It will be up to you to remember that and be responsible for your own decisions and actions.

Q. I don't know any spiritual mentors—how can I find one?

I just knew that finding a spiritual mentor was going to be the most challenging thing on the "Wanted" list. It's even harder than choosing a set of tarot or oracle cards.

This is really, really important. And fortunately, there is more than one way to look. There are the everyday ways and the magic ways. The everyday ways include asking people you know, asking the leader of your church or temple, asking and keeping your eyes open. The local new age bookstore might be able to recommend someone. You're not looking for weekly counseling as a rule here—just someone you can see about every three months for a check-up. There might be times when you'd need help more often, and you can work that out between you.

First, let's try a little magic with this...

The short version: You look at something (anything) beautiful or loveable for a moment and let yourself feel beauty/love in your heart. While you are doing that, ask the Universe (or your personal God/dess), "Wouldn't it be lovely if I found just the right spiritual mentor for me?" Say 'thank you' and let it go. Do this at least once a day—more often is better.

O!!! I just did this with my little cat Marzipan, who is sleeping quite near me at the moment and who is both beautiful and loveable. I didn't ask for a mentor because I have one, but for greater understanding about something I'm working on. She opened her eyes and turned to look at me, then she did that cat slow blink thing that means, "I love you" and is a sort of a long distance nose kiss. Now, to me, that was definitely O Universe saying, "Yes! Of course!"

The long version: (You can light a candle or cast a circle or do whatever you normally do to begin a ritual—but it isn't necessary.)

(Next, you can make an offering if you like—but it's quite unnecessary.)

Earth, center, and connect. (This is vital.)

Let your heart fill with love and gratitude. (It's an energy—one of the frequencies of the subtle energy that is around us at all times. Just be consciously open to it flowing up from the earth, down from above, meeting in your heart, and filling it. Take your time in doing this. (This is vital)

Let yourself gently smile (Optional, but strongly recommended.)

Take a deep breath and as you let it go say with energy and concentration: Wouldn't it be lovely if I found just the right spiritual mentor for me—or something even better? (Absolutely essential.)

Repeat the earthing, centering, and connecting process in full. Then take three deep breaths, releasing each one slowly and gently. (Very important.)

Close your circle, blow out your candle, do whatever you need to do to feel completion. (Only necessary if you started with a ritual.)

This is another of the Macbeth Itty Bitty Natural Magic Orra (With Sometimes Astonishing Results). I use this natural magic process for a lot of things—requests for healing, requests for understanding and wisdom, requests for something I think I need. I learned this particular format in a vision quest to improve my relationship with the Maiden, who is all about hopes and dreams and plans and first steps. I am often stunned by the results.

The essential core of all this is: "Wouldn't it be lovely if........—or something better?"

No orders, no commands, just leaving O Universe to do the best it can for us in its own knackerty way.

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