Card 9 — The Singer of Initiation

From the Faeries' Oracle...

Breakthrough. Drawing the Singer of Initiation notifies us that significant change and challenge are both occurring in our lives, with the potential for moving into a new realm
involving a new way of being. This major change has been building for a long time, and the amount moment is now here to meet this challenge. We may already be aware of the initiations but perhaps if only seen it as bad luck or fate. It is neither. It is an opportunity to see if we have, deep down, truly learned the lessons we have been working on and are willing to play in our lives.

Often, knowing just what the initiation is about can seem one of the most difficult aspects of the process. However, once it passed, it eventually will all become clear in hindsight. For now we only need to know, as the Singer said to one Oracle group member, "It can be done — look with your heart."

The presence of reading often presages a period of success — seeing, accepting, and using our own powers at a higher and more ethical level. We move to greater fulfillment of our potentials. It also means taking on a new level of responsibility for ourselves and in the world. The gate is open to us, but we must take the action of stepping through it.

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Jessica Macbeth & Brian Froud