Card 7 — The Singer of Intuition

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Starter Reading

In a reading, the presence of the Singer of Intuition indicates that information is available to us if we will just listen to our own inner knowing. Perhaps we have already heard it and still doubt our subtle senses. The Singer says this is the time to really listen to our intuition. What are our feelings, hunches, or intuitions about this situation? It is desirable that we should seek solitude, meditate, and practice stillness and patience. This is a time for inward focus, a time to open the inner door to intuition (there are a lot of "in"s in this sentence because important answers are to be found within ourselves).

The presence of this Singer in a card spread radiates special illumination and insight on the other cards around it.

Faery Lore — the inside story

Key Words: Perceptiveness. Oracular powers. Awareness. Trust.

The song of the Singer of Intuition carries all of the information there is. Some people believe that this information, often called the akashic records, is like a great filing cabinet or library in the sky that we have to go to in order to get information intuitively or psychically. We needn't go anywhere. The Song is sung within our blood and flesh and bones just as it is within the rest of the universe.

If, at humanity's present stage of evolution, we consciously heard the song in all its fullness, we would be overwhelmed, our minds burned out by that energy. A kindly universe has led us to a place in our development where we can consciously hear only bits of the melody. Usually we must develop skill in actively listening for it, but occasionally a few notes resonate so closely with our own being that we become aware of them. These involuntary experiences are what we call hunches or intuition or extended sense perceptions.

We can improve our reception of the song by learning to be very still and to listen in a special way. What we get for practicing stillness (through meditation) and listening (just ask and then deeply listen) is the ability to understand and interpret metasymbols, the symbolism beyond the material symbols of oracles and omens themselves. Stars, omens, portents, movement of stars and mice — these are all part of one piece, the one song, and therefore a part of us as we are of them. Understanding them truly is just a matter of learning to be still, to ask, and to listen.

Someday, as we evolve and grow, we will be able to hear more and more of this song and to base our actions and choices on greater knowledge. Patience and practice are the keys to all of the subtle, clear senses — clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear knowing), telepathy (hearing each other without words), precognition (knowing before, glimpses of a probable future).

"Not all meanings are meant to be clear at once. Some ideas take time. Some words are designed to lead us on inner journeys, with truth hidden deep inside them." — Brian Froud

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Jessica Macbeth & Brian Froud