Card 2 Reversed — Ekstasis

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Reversed Reading

You may be feeling sorrowful or grieving. Remember that these feelings, too, are a part of the great song. They are a part of love. Don't try to block them — don't try to deny them. Let them flow. If your song is mournful, sing it that way. Let the energy move, let it run freely until it changes. It is important to let ourselves feel what we feel, without denial or blocking, so that we process those feelings naturally, until they transform within us. Only by finding creative expression for such feelings may we complete their process and move beyond them. If life is not going as you wish, LIVE IT! Acknowledge it, express it creatively and appropriately, go through it and beyond it. Find the creative balance between wallowing in emotions and denying them. We can accept and gradually transform our feelings. There is a saying, "This too shall pass." It is true about everything — all of our joys and all of our sorrows. Live it and let it pass so that tomorrow can bring you new life, all the deeper and richer for what you have passed through.

Faery Lore — the inside story

Ecstasy. Joy. Rapture. Motivation.

Ekstasis is the Òran Mór, the Great Song, the energy and power that fills Unity. There is nothing else but that song — no voice to sing, no ears to hear, just the infinite and eternal song, the energy of which completely fills eternity and infinity. This rhapsodic song of bliss is what powers the cosmos and what gives it order and harmony. It is the song that holds the atoms together, the stars in their places, the galaxies in theirs. It keeps our hearts beating, and it is the love and trust that flows through them.

In Unity, there is nothing but the Òran Mór, the Great Song, the outpouring of undifferentiated energy — the power felt in a mystical experience. The "void" so often spoken of in spiritual literature is not empty, but full — so full that there is no space between one singing and the next. There is nowhere to stand outside of Unity and look at it, marveling.

At the level of this world's reality (and Faery's as well), we have the sensory illusion that you and I are separate, that we are not directly connected, that what happens when a finger is lifted on a small planet circling the farthest star in the most distant galaxy does not affect us. We need this illusion because at this stage of our evolution we are not ready to be aware of the Òran Mór, the Great Song, in more than very short bursts, if even that. The Singers are capable of this — but we are not. At least we are not yet able to do this. It may take a while for us to get there, but that is where we are headed, knowingly or unknowingly.

Our ears are too small to hear this song — only our souls are big enough. The song rings through everything — the wind in the trees, the radiance of distant stars, the beat of a mouse's heart, the rumble of a digestive system, the quiet gurgle of a plant's capillaries, the deep, unheard hum of Earth. Scientists have recently discovered a hitherto unheard part of Earth's song, very deep and very slow. Some of them think it may be caused by changing atmospheric pressure, like a gentle, slow patting on a drum. Of course, changes in the atmosphere come primarily from changes in the solar wind and radiation, so, in essence, we see that Earthmother is being gently patted, caressed by Father Sun, and she purrs and hums in response — as do we, her children. Everything is linked — everything is part of the Òran Mór, the Great Song, the Ekstasis.

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