Card 10 — The Singer of Healing

From the Faeries' Oracle...

When the Singer of Healing is present in a reading it speaks of healing to be given or of healing to be received. It is the healer's card. The circumstances and processes of reaching well-being may seem easy or they may bring great challenges in either case we are asked to participate in our own healing as we are strengthened by this Singer.

This singer speaks of both giving and receiving because we cannot truly and freely give without receiving as well. Healing is something that flows through us not from us, and as such, we are inevitably affected by its passage. (This is why cursing is such a bad idea - the curse flows through us as well, doing what harm it can.) Drawing this card tells us of both a need and an opportunity for healing ourselves and perhaps others as well. As Warren, one of my students, said, "Healing is not something you do; it is something you are."

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Jessica Macbeth & Brian Froud