Recordings to guide you through deep relaxation, self-healing, inner journeying, spiritual development, and self-transformation. There are 14 different meditations, ranging from 13 minutes to an hour in length.

If you play more than one at once, they'll play simultaneously, so stop one before starting another.

Clearing & Relaxing

One Drop of Water — Energy clearing, refreshing, and relaxation. 12 minutes.

Self Healing

Rainbow Journey — Self healing, and developing concentration and imagery. 19 minutes.

Embracing the Light — Self healing through a process of energy clearing and strengthening throughout the body and the bioenergy field. As well as being an excellent self-healing practice, this meditation has been used repeatedly in all of my healing classes to help develop awareness of healing energy and skill in directing it. 30 minutes.

Round the World — Integrating and energizing different parts and functions of the brain. 37 minutes.

Grounding & Centering

The two meditations below serve similar purposes, but people often prefer one or the other. It all depends on whether you are happier as a line of light or as  a tree. Both are beautiful ways of being. With quite a bit practice, you can learn to condense the exercises into the time that it requires to take three deep breaths, but it is still useful to do the complete exercise from time to time.

Line of Light — Centering, earthing, connection. Becoming real. 30 minutes.

Be a Tree — Centering, earthing, connection. Becoming real. 30 minutes

Deep Relaxation

These practices are often a good cure for insomnia and other states of excessive tension. If you fall asleep while doing them, that's all right too. Usually in meditative practices, we want to stay alert and aware while we do them, but if you fall asleep while doing either of these, you'll most likely to continue the practice to the end, even in your sleep.

Natural Breathing — 15 minutes.

Warm & Soft — 62 minutes.

Inner Journeys for Self Knowledge

The Healer — Meeting your inner healer to help you develop your healing skills, including self-healing. 30 minutes.

The Crystal Cave — Inner journey to contact your own inner magic and find ways of more freely accessing it. 24 minutes.

Self Transformation

Waterfall Journey — Connecting with nature and nature spirits for self-healing and getting acquainted.

Meta Mind — Connecting with archetypal energies for personal growth. 26 minutes.

Pool of Water — Releasing and blessing the old, invoking and blessing the new. 44 minutes.

Rotation of Consciousness (Yoga Nidra) Please read the information below before doing this practice. Thank you! 32 minutes.

Rotation of Consciousness is probably the most advanced of the meditations given here. Please read the following instructions carefully. First, don't overdo it — do the meditation for 10 days in a row and then let it rest and integrate for 20 days. I usually begin on the first of a month, do it for 10 days, and on the eleventh of the month I stop and wait for the beginning of the next month before repeating it again. More is definitely not better.

This meditation is takes you into a very deep state of consciousness with your body asleep while your mind is awake and aware — listening and focused. Yoga Nidra means the 'Yogic Sleep'. While you are in this deep, restful state at about the middle of the meditation and again at the end you are asked to repeat an intention or affirmation. Decide on your affirmation beforehand and use it for the entire sequence of the ten days. Using different affirmations in one ten day sequence weakens the process, making it less effective.

It's a good idea to put lot of thought into the affirmation you intend to use. It needs to be simple and clear. It also needs to be positive and not include any negative words like "not" or "don't" or "cannot" — the unconscious (or subconscious) mind where these operating rules are stored tends not to know what to do with these sorts of words — it understands simple concepts best. So an affirmation like "I don't get angry" is likely to come across as "I angry." This is not good.

Even quite well-crafted affirmations can have unintended consequences. I wanted to improve my ability to see auras and inner visions as well as improving my eyesight so chose the affirmation "I see clearly on all levels." Two weeks later I found myself at a gas station with a friend, who was driving her car. While she filled the tank I hopped out to be useful by cleaning the windshield. I cleaned it thoroughly inside and out, cleaned the wipers, cleaned the back window, cleaned the side windows, the rear-view mirrors, inside and out, the faces on the dials on the dashboard, and began  cleaning the chrome bumpers and trim — at which point she asked me what I was doing. The tank had long since been filled. I said happily, "We need to be able to see clearly!" Um. This thing is powerful! Choose with care!

By the way, it took me over six months to actually stay awake all the way through the exercise even though I was trying hard to do so.

All meditations and exercises Copyright ©1992 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved. I hereby update and amend this copyright so that you may make a copy for your own personal or teaching use, but you may not under any circumstances sell the recording. Nor may you give it away unless this these copyright terms are appended.

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