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Gran'ma's Oracle of Faery Wysdome & Gnomic Utterances – Got a question? Hold it in your mind, click on the door, and 33 and more uncommon fae, gnomes, guides, guardians, hammadryads, spirits, sprites, sylphs, elementals, pucks, hobs, delvers, and possibly others will offer you their canny points of view, surmises, game plans, presumptuous hypotheses, propositions, exhortations, sneaking suspicions, or hot tips for your answer.

What's New? This page is a list of links to everything in the Coracle. They are shown in the order in which they were added with new pieces always on the top. This is probably where you can most easily pick up where you left off.

Audio Meditations – Recordings to guide you through deep relaxation, self-healing, inner journeying, spiritual development, and self-transformation. There are 14 different meditations, ranging from 13 minutes to an hour in length.

Journeys of the Spirit – Pathways and Passages – Spiritual, magical, and psychic things to do, things to think about, and even things to enjoy on our life paths.

Faery: Oracles & Lore – Who are they? How can we connect with them? Here is information from The Faeries' Oracle including excerpts from the book and also further comments from the author, together with other things the Fae would like for you to know. Information on the process of writing the forthcoming Gran'ma's Faery Wisdom & Gnomic Utterances: the Oracle may also be included.

Marzipan's Adventures –  Marzipan is a faery cat on a world near earth, and Marzipan is a small Manx cat who lives in Washington State. Here she tells us about both of her lives as she and Jessica write a book about her magical life as a faery cat. 

Words – Stories, poems, myths, & the challenges of writing.

Woo Woo Classes – An ongoing on-line course in psychic, personal, and spiritual development to enhance wisdom, focus, health, and joy.

Books, Chapbooks, & Reviews – Books and reviews that Jessica Macbeth has written.

Coracle's Logbook Jessica Macbeth's blog: Notes on what's happening at the moment and on thoughts being thoughted, sometimes amusing, sometimes serious, and sometimes both.

  Bio, Hindsight, & Plot Twists – These are Jessica's "about me" pages, including bits and pieces on where she is, how she got here, and ways to contact her.

This coracle was first launched on 17 February 1996 from Arrochar, Argyll, Scotland. It has been hauled out, repaired, updated, and relaunched several times and in many places. Luckily coracles are light and relatively easy to carry. However, it is still the same coracle continuing its voyage. It now sails from Port Townsend, Washington, USA.

Welcome aboard!

Jessica & Marzipan Macbeth