Welcome to Jesa Macbeth's Coracle!

This is a wee coracle adrift in a cosmic sea of energy.
Our vessel is very small, wobbly, and apt to capsize without warning.
There are no seatbelts in coracles.

I hope you enjoy your journey!

Welcome Aboard!

Here Be Dragons. No, sorry—the dragons seem to have gone home. However, here be. . .

    Thoughts on Rocking the Boat

      Ideas on doing much more than just surviving in a mundane world.

    The Otherworld of Faery   New Additions: August 2005

      The Faeries Pages are now at http://FaeryWisdom.com and we invite you to visit them there.
      These pages contain information on Faery in general and The Faeries' Oracle specifically. They include excerpts from the book and also further comments from others and myself on the Oracle there. There are even a few of Brian Froud's wonderful Oracle cards (with the artist's permission). And there are some other things that the Fae like to play with.


      Between myself and the groups I belong to we offer certain free services, such as distant healing, stones on the blessing cairn, and other things. See here for more information.

    Jesa's Woo-Woo Lessons

      An ongoing on-line course in psychic, personal, and spiritual development to enhance wisdom and joy

    Practicing for the Spiritual Olympics

      Exercises for the etheric muscles. You didn't really think that this was going to be easy, did you?

    Things Happen

      They really do...

    Myths, Fables, Dreams, and Lies   New Additions: May 2005

      —by a Sailor of the Cosmic Seas. That says it all, really.

    Poems & Thoughts On Writing

      More of my writing, including writing about writing.

    An Lios

      Books, Booklets, & Free E-mail Discussion Groups. There are some excerpts here from my books and information about how to subscribe to the various free email discussion groups and newsletters that I facilitate.

    My personal pages

      Bio, home, cats, whatever...

    The Blessing Cairn

      Some time ago I was told that humanity was teetering on the edge of collective insanity, and that it was the task of the People of Good Will to help all humans come back from that edge. We need, I was told, to come back to nature—to connection with Earthmother, with the nature spirits, and with our own true nature. The Blessing Cairn is a part of my efforts in that direction.

    Order of the Ascending Spirit

      I belong to the Order, and value it highly.

          Breaking News:

            In these times in which we live,
            may we each find ways to be peaceful,
            may we each find ways to love.
            May we find compassion
            for the frightened and the angry,
            food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless,
            and healing for all those hurting—
            may we find the grace to share,
            and may we remember that
            we all are One.

This coracle was accidentally launched 17 February 1996.
Latest renovations and repairs: 8 August 2007.

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    I know what I think; what do you think?


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I hope you've enjoyed yourself—and that you
perhaps even take something of heart's value with you when you depart.

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